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Changzhou Tuoer Plastic Industry Co., Ltd
General Manager: Ms. Huang Dan
Mobile: 13401526549
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Address: Changzhou City, Jiangsu, China Mengbei Town, New Town, Mao Yan Village, Peng Bridge, No. 79

Enterprise mission: to build a brilliant project team
"Build a fine project" is the company's main business and corporate properties of a high degree of summary, the company is the pursuit of excellence in quality, but also the company abide by professional ethics, customer service, social returns, in good faith to build the future of the relentless pursuit.
"Brilliant team" is the company Zhicheng lofty and strong enterprising heart of the embodiment, emphasizing the company in the development goals to achieve from excellent to excellence, from excellence to cross the transition, the company expressed the future of the beautiful vision and firmness of the cause belief.
Enterprise Mission: integrity management, customer first, welfare staff, social returns
Integrity management: integrity as a universally applicable moral norms and norms, is the enterprise of the Founding of the country. Integrity management, according to the law is the company's moral bottom line. We are "good faith" to win the community's wide acclaim, to achieve the rapid development of enterprises.
Customer first: focus on customer satisfaction, the customer as God, as the source of life for the enterprise. Strict implementation of the commitment to customers, so that customer satisfaction, and even surprises. To respond to changes in customer demand in a timely manner, the customer's complaints and suggestions immediately respond; by providing high-quality products and customer expectations beyond the service to improve customer satisfaction, and customers with the establishment of long-term stable mutual benefit relationship.
Welfare staff: to build education, the benefit of staff as their responsibility to improve the quality of staff, tap the potential of employees, to provide employees with achievements in the cause, reflect the value of the platform for employees and enterprises to develop.
Return to the community: the development of enterprises can not be separated from the strong support of the community. It is with the strong support of all sectors of society, the company was able to grow rapidly. We should sincerely return to the community, to create high quality boutique, to fulfill social responsibility for the prosperity and progress of the community and make unremitting efforts.
Enterprise management approach: people-oriented, re-Connaught and trustworthy, construction quality, harmonious development
16-word management policy is the company's innovation and development, cohesion of the fundamental guiding ideology, but also the company uphold the modern enterprise management philosophy, management principles, management objectives embodied.
"People - oriented" is the foothold of corporate management thinking;
"Connaught Connaught and trustworthy" is the company has always advocated and adhere to the moral principles;
"Construction of fine" is the company's production and operation activities and management of the fundamental goal is based on the community, social returns and meet the basic requirements of users.
"Harmonious development" is the concept of modern construction enterprises must adhere to.
The spirit of enterprise: constantly beyond the pursuit of excellence
The spirit of enterprise is the corporate employees of the company's sense of trust, pride and sense of honor embodied in the business management process in the dominant position of the ideology, position and spiritual pillar, is the identity of all staff and consciously practice with the times Characteristics, can stimulate the vitality of enterprises, and promote enterprise development group awareness and common values, it is the ideal pursuit of corporate employees agree.
 Constantly beyond: maybe we can not go beyond others, but we are always committed to constantly go beyond their own. After the reform of the Yizheng Suzhong to "fly dream, pilot the future," the ambition, proactive, angry, only a dozen years of hard work, every year a breakthrough, became a local construction industry well-known enterprises, Clearly embodies the company adhering to the "constantly go beyond" the ideal pursuit.
The pursuit of excellence: reflects the company to a higher goal of the confidence and determination to "fine build quality, responsibility to ensure safety, integrity pouring brand" concept as the eternal theme of the enterprise to create "first-class quality, first-class service, management First-class, first-class benefits, "the brilliant team as the pursuit of business goals.
Enterprise talent: both ability and political integrity, to Germany first, Yucai stay only, promising
Company evaluation of talent standards are both ability and political integrity, more emphasis on Germany as the first The company has been the human resources as the core competitiveness of enterprises, and strive to create a good environment to attract talented people, pay attention to personnel training, "know people make good use of people do their best" to do everything possible for employees to provide personal expertise and ability to motivate staff Create good performance, to achieve self-worth. The company emphasizes the hard work and performance results as the most important basis for talent selection and promotion.

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